As we all know, the last two years have accelerated the rapid technology disruption of industries, creating new business models and changing customer expectations. Whether you are leading a newly formed software company or an established public company in a non-tech sector, it is imperative for CEOs and boards to think through how they can leverage technology to create differentiation and growth, expand their market reach, and better understand customer demands and aspirations. Key advancements in areas such as real-time data, machine learning, and cloud-based software, combined with developments in the fast-changing technology landscape, make it challenging for tech and non-tech companies alike to keep up.

To be able to understand the impact of technology on the business and ask the right questions, there is a steady increase in boards’ interest in recruiting technologists. The notion of a ‘digital director’ is outdated. Read here how boards need much more nuanced expertise to leverage technology to transform their business.

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Source: SpencerStuart