The diplomatic ties of cities and provinces mirror the geopolitics of major powers. Although they are usually not at the center of these geopolitics, cities and provinces are very active diplomatic players. The tight interconnection between China and the Netherlands demonstrates this: almost all provinces and dozens of Dutch cities have official friendship ties with their Chinese counterparts, and almost all Dutch municipalities are involved in some way in exchanges with a Chinese company, government, or knowledge institution.

This report provides insights into how China’s decentralized diplomatic ties with the Netherlands fit into China’s overarching geopolitical strategy. To what end does China maintain ties with Dutch municipalities and provinces?

The research was executed by Clingendael Institute as a member of the Analistennetwerk Nationale Veiligheid (ANV) on behalf of the Nationaal Coördinator Terrorismebestrijding en Veiligheid (NCTV).

Download the whole report here (in Dutch): Vriendschap winnen
Source: Clingendael Institute