SpencerStuart guides you on how to learn from your digital transformation journey and make progress on DE&I.  In short the article states that:

  • “Corporate leadership teams and succession pipelines still lack diversity, despite widespread recognition that diverse organizations are more likely to outperform peers.
  • Real progress on diversity, equity and inclusion — like digital transformation — requires a holistic, systemic approach addressing leadership, strategy, talent, culture and processes.
  • Leaders drive change by aligning behind a clear vision tied to business strategy; ensuring the organization’s resources, goals and processes support change; and modeling the behaviors they want to see in the organization.
  • A compelling vision sets a direction, helps individuals see the connection to their work and ties DE&I to values and the culture.
  • Disciplined talent processes shaped by quantitative and qualitative data enable organizations to hire, retain and promote a diverse pipeline of leaders for the future.”

Read the whole article here: Making Progress on DE&I: What Leaders Can Learn from Their Digital Transformation Journey 
Source: SpencerStuart