CFO Round Table


The University of Amsterdam (UvA), Workday and Transformation Forums are conducting a joint research this year on: “The Transformation of Finance in the Digital Age”. We look at the influence of technological developments on the changing role of Finance within organizations. Does digital technology live up to its promise and is Finance becoming the trusted advisor to the organization of the future? During this round table we will address the following subjects:

–       What does it mean for the organization’s business model if we embrace a data-driven approach?

–       How can more data and more insight be used to support the strategic success of the organization?

–       What is the role of regulation and compliance when looking at the possibilities of a data-driven organization?

–       What competences and skills does Finance need to support a data-driven organization?


Frank Verbeeten, Professor of Accounting at the University of Amsterdam

Peter Meijer, Director of Finance Transformation at Deloitte 

Kees Veraart, Finance Director for Germany, Austria & Benelux at Parker Hannifin

De Kruidfabriek – Amstelveen

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