Aegon Dialogue Board (Employees and debts)

Aegon Dialogue Board (Employees and debts)

This series of Dialogue Boards is centered around the theme of the financial awareness of the Dutch and the measures that can be taken to increase this awareness and improve communication about financial topics. During this session we will zoom in on the relationship between employers and employees with regard to debt (prevention). What can or should employers do to support employees in their financial choices?

Date and location: 29 May from 2:00 to 5:30 p.m. at Aegon in The Hague.

With a.o. Ingrid de Graaf, Chairman of the Board at Particulier and Member of the Board at Aegon Nederland, “Top Woman of the Year”, José Lazeroms, Member of the Board at UWV, Olaf Simonse, Head of the Program Office at Money Wise.

In collaboration with Aegon.

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