Round Tables

Round table discussions are characterized by their small-scale, democratic nature. Participants discuss common challenges they face in their positions or industries and learn from one another’s individual approaches. Round table discussions have an outside-in focus and they are geared to the preferences of the organizing partner and the different participants. To ensure interaction, the maximum number of participants is twelve.

Transformation Forums organizes several round table discussions per year, centered on different issues or for different sectors and branches. Listed below are some examples of round table discussion we have organized. If you are interested in participating in one of our round table discussions or if you have an idea for a round table discussion you would like to organize with us, feel free to contact us.


CFO Round Table

4 July 2019


The University of Amsterdam (UvA), Workday and Transformation Forums are conducting a joint research this year on: "The Transformation of Finance in the Digital Age". We look at the influence of technological developments on the changing role of Finance within organizations. Does digital technology live up to its promise and is Finance becoming the trusted advisor to the organization of the future? During this round table we will address the following subjects:

-       What does it mean for the organization’s business model if we embrace a data-driven approach?

-       How can more data and more insight be used to support the strategic success of the organization?

-       What is the role of regulation and compliance when looking at the possibilities of a data-driven organization?

-       What competences and skills does Finance need to support a data-driven organization?


Frank Verbeeten, Professor of Accounting at the University of Amsterdam

Peter Meijer, Director of Finance Transformation at Deloitte 

Kees Veraart, Finance Director for Germany, Austria & Benelux at Parker Hannifin

De Kruidfabriek - Amstelveen

BNP Supervisory Board Members Round Table

1 July 2019


The main theme of this round table is: “Digital Transformation: What SB Members Should Know in Order to Help Companies Thrive in the Information Age”. During this SB Member Round Table we will discuss the following themes:

-       What are the key trends in digital transformation and how should executives respond?

-       How is digitalization changing the meaning and purpose of companies?

-       The dynamics between SB Members and the Executive Board and Committee in a thriving digital business transformation journey

-       What capabilities should organizations develop to remain relevant?


Tom Voskes, Managing Partner at SparkOptimus

Geert Lippens, CEO & Country Head for the Netherlands at BNP Paribas

Matijn van Went, Managing Director of Corporate Coverage for the Netherlands at BNP Paribas 

Han Kolff, Group CFO of TMF Group

Thomas Steffens, CEO of Primephonic 

Moderator: Roelof Hemmen, Anchor at BNR Nieuwsradio

Kasteel Oud-Poelgeest, Oegstgeest

CFO Round Table for Charitable Organizations

16 May 2019


We live in an era where new technologies are abundant. Organizations have to bridge the gap between the world of systems and technology and the real world. They have to make wise choices with regard to what technology to use for what purpose in order to align these worlds. What is the role of Finance? And how do you engage your people? What are the barriers and what are the opportunities? 


Coen de Vuijst & Coen Degen, Partners at Oliver Wyman Amsterdam

Coraline Panis, CFO of Natuurmonumenten

Red Cross - The Hague

CFO Round Table

9 May 2019


The University of Amsterdam (UvA), Workday and Transformation Forums are conducting a joint research this year on: "The Transformation of Finance in the Digital Age". We look at the effect of technological developments on the changing role of Finance within organizations. Does digital technology live up to its promise and is Finance becoming the trusted advisor to the organization of the future? During this round table we focus on the following subjects:

-       What is the status of the digital transformation in Finance?

-       What is the future of Finance?

-       How do you ensure that people are at the center of the (digital) strategy?

-       What impact does more data have on the decision-making of companies and the role of finance?

-       How do you accelerate the adaptability of Finance?


Erik van der Steen, partner at EY

Lodewijk Lockefeer, Regional Finance Director for Europe at Heineken 

Jan Boekelman, Director of Finance at EBN (moderator)

De Kruidfabriek - Amstelveen

ING C-Suite Round Table

9 April 2019


The theme of this event is “Preparing Your Organization for the Future - The Enabling Role of CFOs & SB Members”. In a rapidly changing world, CFOs and fellow board members face the challenge of performing in the short term while simultaneously making fundamental changes to ensure success in the long term.

During this Round Table we will discuss the following themes:

-       How to develop a long-term vision for the company

-       Dynamics between top management, the Supervisory Board and shareholders

-       The specific role of CFOs & SB Members

-       How to deal with strategic dilemmas

-       How to perform in the short term while rebuilding the foundation for the long term


Haroon Sheikh, Senior Scientist at WRR

Tjalling Tiemstra, member of the Supervisory Board at various listed and non-listed companies

ING - Amsterdam


BNP CEO Round Table

22 March 2019


The theme of the CEO Round Table is: “Preparing Your Organization for the Future”. A diverse group of CEOs from various industries will engage in informed discussion on the theme. How do you prepare for the future in these dynamic times of accelerated change?


William de Vijlder, Chief Global Economist at BNP Paribas

Fokke de Jong, CEO of Suitsupply 

Restaurant Zuiver - Utrecht

CEO Round Table Circular Economy

3 September 2018

The main theme of this CEO Round Table is 'Circular Leadership'.

Date & location: 3 September from 16:30 to 21:00 at KPMG, Amstelveen.

Keynote speakers: Ronald Doesburg, General manager Shell Chemicals Europe and Dimitri de Vreeze, Managing Board Member Royal DSM.

In cooperation with RAAD (KPMG).

Supervisory Board Member Summer Session

27 August 2018

The main theme of the Supervisory Board Member Summer Session is 'The paradigm shift to a sharing economy and the impact on traditional companies'.

Date & location: 27 August from 15:30 to 20:30 at KPMG, Amstelveen.

Keynote speaker: Arun Sundararajan, global authority on the way platforms and digital trust are revolutionizing business practices, government, employment and public policy, best-selling author, economist and professor at NYU Stern School of Business.

In cooperation with RAAD (KPMG).

CFO Round Table

7 June 2018

The CFO Round Table is an annual meeting organized by ING and Transformation Forums in the run-up to the annual CFO & Finance Transformation Forum.

The main theme of the CFO Round Table is 'Taking the Long-Term View on M&A Value Creation'.

Date & location: 7 June from 16:00 to 20:30 at ING, Amsterdam.

Keynote speakers: Jurgen van Breukelen, Chairman (Non-Executive Director) Altice Group and Koos Timmermans, CFO ING Group.


NextGen Round Table

5 November 2018

The NextGen Round Table brings together senior managers, (potential) board members and directors from companies, government agencies, knowledge institutes and NGOs. Participants in the NextGen Round Table are authentic, independent thinkers with innovative perspectives. They have leadership qualities and are seen as future decision makers with ultimate responsibility. Like the Dutch Transformation Forum, the NextGen Round Table in 2015 was centered on the theme “The Netherlands & the Value(s) of Europe”.



Edition 2018


The main theme of the NextGen Round Table is 'Digital economy and society'.

Date: 5 November from 14:30 to 21:00.

Keynote speaker: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation van Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford.



Previous editions


NextGen Round Table 2017

Theme: Globalization

Speakers: Professor Dani Rodrik, Professor International Economy at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government

NextGen Round Table 2016

Theme: Inclusiveness

Speakers: Frans Blom, Senior Partner en Chairman the Netherlands The Boston Consulting Group, Derk Lemstra, Managing Partner Stibbe, Mariëlle de Macker, Board member HEMA, Bert Ferwerda, Board member KPMG, Hans van der Noordaa, CEO Delta Lloyd and Harry van Dorenmalen, CEO IBM Benelux

NextGen Round Table 2015

Theme: The Netherlands & the Value(s) of Europe

Speakers: Han van Delden, Board member KPMG, Richard Wagenmakers, Partner KPMG, Frans Blom, Senior Partner, Managing Director The Boston Consulting Group, Danielle van der Sluijs, Director Strategic Finance Management Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, Thor Tummers, External Affairs Unilever, Sebastian Reyn,Director of Strategy, Policy Planning and Innovation Netherlands Ministry of Defence and Jörgen Raymann

NextGen Round Table 2014

Theme: New Growth

Speakers: Hanne Buis, Director Aviation Marketing Schiphol Group, Farid Tabarki, Founder Studio Zeitgeist en Niek Kolkman, Partner KPMG

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