During the forums, top decision makers meet to focus on forward-looking social and economic issues. Depending on the theme, our aim is to make the field of participants as diverse as possible. The participants are addressed in general sessions by one or more keynote speakers, after which they debate the issues in parallel round table discussions. The outcomes of these small-scale round table discussions are eventually shared in a general discussion and the forums conclude with a dinner. The forums we organize vary in size from small events starting at about 20 participants, to large events with up to 80 participants.

Transformation Forums organizes several forums per year, all centered around different issues or for different industries and branches. The following is an overview of the different forums and upcoming editions.

15 May 2019
The central theme of this forum is “Preparing your organization for the future”. We will look at this theme from three angles. The first angle is: what we can learn from the way Private Equity looks at value creation in organizations? Next, we will look at the fundamentals of organizational design. What radical changes can […]

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22 November 2018
The Dutch Transformation Forum is an exclusive annual meeting at Board level, whose purpose is to facilitate forward-thinking dialogue and create bridges between different stakeholders from the Dutch public and private sector: top decision makers from business and industry, government, knowledge institutes and NGOs. The Dutch Transformation Forum enables participants to join intellectual forces by offering a platform which focuses on knowledge sharing.

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27 June 2018
The Finance Transformation Forum is an exclusive annual meeting of CFOs from prominent companies in the Netherlands and Europe. The participants meet to discuss the role of the CFO in a transformative world and the challenges that are inherent to this role. During the meeting the group of CFOs pool their intellectual resources to initiate discussions, share practices and learn from one another.

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