NextGen Round Table

The NextGen Round Table brings together senior managers, (potential) board members and directors from companies, government agencies, knowledge institutes and NGOs. Participants in the NextGen Round Table are authentic, independent thinkers with innovative perspectives. They have leadership qualities and are seen as future decision makers with ultimate responsibility. Like the Dutch Transformation Forum, the NextGen Round Table in 2015 was centered on the theme “The Netherlands & the Value(s) of Europe”.


Edition 2018

The main theme of the NextGen Round Table is ‘Digital economy and society’.

Date: 5 November from 14:30 to 21:00.

Keynote speaker: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation van Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford.


Previous editions

NextGen Round Table 2017

Theme: Globalization

Speakers: Professor Dani Rodrik, Professor International Economy at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government

NextGen Round Table 2016

Theme: Inclusiveness

Speakers: Frans Blom, Senior Partner en Chairman the Netherlands The Boston Consulting Group, Derk Lemstra, Managing Partner Stibbe, Mariëlle de Macker, Board member HEMA, Bert Ferwerda, Board member KPMG, Hans van der Noordaa, CEO Delta Lloyd and Harry van Dorenmalen, CEO IBM Benelux

NextGen Round Table 2015

Theme: The Netherlands & the Value(s) of Europe

Speakers: Han van Delden, Board member KPMG, Richard Wagenmakers, Partner KPMG, Frans Blom, Senior Partner, Managing Director The Boston Consulting Group, Danielle van der Sluijs, Director Strategic Finance Management Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, Thor Tummers, External Affairs Unilever, Sebastian Reyn,Director of Strategy, Policy Planning and Innovation Netherlands Ministry of Defence and Jörgen Raymann

NextGen Round Table 2014

Theme: New Growth

Speakers: Hanne Buis, Director Aviation Marketing Schiphol Group, Farid Tabarki, Founder Studio Zeitgeist en Niek Kolkman, Partner KPMG

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