Marketing Transformation Forum

The theme of this forum is: “AI & Data-Driven Marketing and the Field of Tension with Creativity and Ethics”.

Marketing has been using data for quite some time now. Data provides insights and improves marketing effectiveness. It has enabled us to deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve processes and customer focus. But what is the downside of data-driven marketing and AI? There is a risk that by focusing too much on logic we lose our creativity and intuition. Where is the human side of marketing when it is all about facts and figures? When robots take over crucial roles in marketing? How do we prevent losing ourselves in data? The 2019 edition of our Marketing Transformation Forum will focus on these dilemmas.


Marion Koopman, CEO of Greenhouse

Wouter Denayer, CTO BeLux at IBM & AI & Ethics Thought Leader

Nicole Verburg, Director of Customer Value Management at VodafoneZiggo

VodafoneZiggo – Utrecht

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