Deep Dives

A deep dive consist of a series of coordinated round table discussions, in which participants get together several times a year. We collaborate with our partners to offer topical and industry-specific programs. The cyclical nature of the programs ensures that the participants keep building on what they learn. To ensure interaction during the deep dives, the number of participants is limited to twelve. Transformation Forums offers several topical and industry-specific deep dives per year. The following is an overview of the different deep dives and the upcoming editions. waarborgen, wordt een maximum van twaalf deelnemers gehanteerd. 


Global Finance Transformation Forum

2 July 2019


The Global Finance Transformation Forum serves as a platform for large corporations with a significant base of operations in the Netherlands to share ideas, benchmark progress and learn from each other within the context of Finance Transformation. This edition of the forum will focus on the following topics:

-       Current status of the Finance Transformation

-       Data-driven decision making

-       Agility & multifunctional teams

-       Strengthening people capabilities


Frank Verbeeten, Professor of Accounting at the University of Amsterdam

João Moleiro, Finance Transformation Lead at Heineken

Martijn Wagemakers, VP & Head of Finance Transformation at Signify

Dick den Blanken, SVP & Group Controller at Signify

Signify Lighting Application Center - Eindhoven


Global Finance Transformation Forum

8 December 2018

The purpose of the Global Finance Transformation Forum is to bring together Senior Finance Transformation Managers to exchange experiences, insights and ideas about Finance Transformation projects in a confidential setting. The Global Finance Transformation Forum is an exclusive (closed) community on a membership basis which can be joined by invitation only.

During this edition of the Global Finance Transformation Forum, the main theme was: 'Growth, Transformation and Control in the Digital Age'.


HR Transformation Forum

5 July 2018

The HR Transformation Forum is organized three times a year for CHROs to exchange knowledge and experience with peers in a confidential setting. Participants share similar challenges and take a look at the different individual approaches in terms of best and better practices. This forum offers CHROs a platform for improving their HR activities.

Main theme: 'The Human-side of Transformation'.

During the HR Transformation Forum 2018, we will address the following topics:
- Purpose; fostering the sense of belonging;
- Reinventing leadership; empowering people across organizations through enhanced personal connections;
- How to embed self steering principles?
- Fast innovation;
- How does HR of the future look like? What part of HR is becoming more relevant and what part is becoming obsolete? How to get there?

Date: 5&6 April (Brainstorming session), 5&6 Juli and 15&16 November from 16:00 to 20:30 and from 8:30 to 12:30.

Keynote speaker: Lynda Gratton, Professor Management Practice London Business School.


Marketing Transformation Forum

28 June 2018

The Marketing Transformation Forum is an exclusive (closed) community, which can be joined by invitation only. The MTF is organized and facilitated by Transformation Forums in partnership with IBM.

Main theme: 'Digital Reinvention'. For each meeting we zoom in on sub-topics on the basis of practical examples and speakers from different domains.

Date & Location: 29 March from 15:30 to 20:30 at B. Building Amsterdam.

Keynote speaker: Suzanne van der Cammen, Head of Marketing & Communications YoungCapital and Margriet de Kroon, Online Marketing Manager YoungCapital.



8 June 2018

During the Controllersprogram different controllers who have been invited by RAAD (KPMG) and the Finance Transformation Forum meet to discuss common challenges and to learn from one another’s specific approaches. The members of the Controllersprogram meet three times a year to discuss a new theme each time.

The theme of 2018 is 'Finance in the digital age'.  

Date & Location: 8 June from 8:30 to 12:30 at Royal HaskoningDHV, Amersfoort.

Keynote speakers: Jark Otten, Partner KPMG and Peter Laan, Partner KPMG.

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