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03 November 2021

Dutch Transformation Forum 2021: ‘On the Road to NetZero in 2050’

The current economic and social climate, as well as fundamental changes occurring in rapid succession, are causing companies, governments, knowledge institutes, and NGOs to emphasize cooperation for creating a new foundation for the future. The mission of the Dutch Transformation Forum is to contribute to a strong, sustainable, forward-looking economy and society by building bridges at the board level between the different stakeholders. During the Dutch Transformation Forum, Dutch participants from the public and private sector try to discern the best way for the Netherlands to position itself in a world undergoing a far-reaching transformation and to define what kind of leadership would be most effective in this context.

Theme & topics

Now that we have moved out of the immediate impact of the health crisis, there is more focus on structural changes to make the economy (short- and long-term) and society stronger, more sustainable and more inclusive. Within this theme, the focus will be on the goal  of the EU to be climate neutral by 2050 and to achieve at least 55% reduction by 2030.

Keynote speakers and contributors

Moderators: Suzanne Kröner-Rosmalen, Senior Associate Stibbe Amsterdam & Farid Tabarki, Public speaker/moderator, Owner Studio Zeitgeist

Keynote Speakers and Contributors:
Joke Brandt (Permanent Vertegenwoordiger bij de Verenigde Naties)
Jeroen Dijsselbloem (Voorzitter commissie Nationaal Groeifonds, voorzitter Onderzoeksraad voor Veiligheid)
Annemarieke de Haan (Executive Vice President Unilever Benelux)
Stephanie Hottenhuis (Voorzitter Raad van Bestuur KPMG NL)
Pieter van Oord (CEO Van Oord)
Diederik Samsom (Kabinetschef EU vice-voorzitter)
Robert-Jan Smits (President TU/e)
As Tempelman (CEO Eneco)
Huibert Vigeveno (Downstream Director & lid Raad van Bestuur Royal Dutch Shell)
Focco Vijselaar (DG Bedrijfsleven & Innovatie, Ministerie van Economische Zaken & Klimaat )

Location: Royal Dutch Shell

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